Supported Command-line parameters in HWiNFO64 Pro


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Here's the list of currently supported command-line parameters in HWiNFO64 Pro.
This interface is available only in the licensed version (HWiNFO64 Pro).

Usage: HWiNFO64 [-r|-c|-x|-h|-m|-l][LOG_FILENAME]

         Automatically create a hardware-snapshot report file:
         -r   Create Text Report File
         -c   Create Comma-delimited Report File (CSV)
         -x   Create XML Report File
         -h   Create HTML Report File
         -m   Create MHTML Report File
         Additional report parameters:
         -utf8  Use UTF-8 encoding (otherwise ANSI per current locale)

         Sensor logging:
         -l   Automatically start sensors with logging. Following additional arguments are possible:
            -log_delay=n    Start automatic logging with a delay of n seconds
            -max_time=n     Stop automatic logging after n seconds
            -poll_rate=n    Polling period in milliseconds
            -log_format=n   Specify log file format n:
                            default (no argument): Value name in header; "sensor name" and "value name" at end
                            1 = Single concatenated header with "sensor name|value name"
    Example to automatically create a CSV Report File: HWiNFO64 -cMyLog.CSV
    Example to automatically start sensor logging: HWiNFO64 -lMySensors.CSV
    Example to automatically start sensor logging in single header format: HWiNFO64 -log_format=1 -lMySensors.CSV
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Couple of questions:
1. Is this intended to enable logging on a running instance of HWiNFO or does it only work when launching a new instance?
2. How do you stop logging? So far it seems like you have to terminate the process. Is this guaranteed to flush the log file?


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1. It works only when launching a new instance.
2. Yes, you have to terminate the process. You can do this by "taskkill" and if you don't use the /F (forced) option, HWiNFO should properly flush all data.