feature request:HWinfo64 Sensor Values Columns combined with labels

would it be possible for you to have the labels with the sensor values together when using multiple sensor values in a line in rivatuner osd, for example:

instead of it being like it currently is> label1 label2 label3: value1 value2 value3

it being like this: label1: value1 label2:value2 label3:value3

this is a much requested feature , please im counting on you, thanks.
no you dont understand, what currently is possible is that for example, i have labels grouped together in line 1 , instead of them being seperate with each value , like this:

Gpu core Gpu voltage Gpu Memory Usage: 1180mhz, 0.800mv, 8000MB

what i want is this:

Gpu core: 1180mhz Gpu voltage: 0.800mv Gpu Memory Usage: 8000MB

All in Line 1 for example , hope this explains it better


HWiNFO Author
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Ah sorry, now I understand.. This is currently not possible in HWiNFO.
Most people use it this way:
label1: value1 value2 value3
yes i know , hence why a feature request, hope this comes soon , really need this. Im suprised im the only one that noticed this issue, and hwinfo is the best in what it does afterall ,theres no other alternative for me, i always been able to count on you with my issues, the few ive had atleast in the years, will be patiently awaiting great news


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HWiNFO doesn't have such an option because there were no requests from other users yet. Sorry, but I will give it a higher priority if I see a higher demand for this.
fair enough , since the priority isnt high and me seeming to be the only one in need of this feature, i know youve got a ton of work to do and as we all do ,have real life priorities, thanks man i appreciate your hard work on hwinfo alot, ill be waiting then