Getting incorrect readings for CPU Load/GPU Memory


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Hi all, wonder if anybody can help me. I've just upgraded to Win 10 and started using HWiNFO to replace OHM for getting the data used in my skin, however I'm running into some issues with getting incorrect readings returned.

For my CPU Load, I'm using this code;
This is the sensor in shared memory viewer

According to HWiNFO, this is the current readings for that sensor

And yet Rainmeter is outputting this data

It keeps spiking right up to 100%, even though HWiNFO itself tells me it hasn't even gone above 44.2%
I'm getting the same issue for my GPU memory usage, which according to my skin is currently sitting between 95-100% but HWiNFO is telling me it hasn't exceeded 16%

In case it helps, my CPU is an i7-2600K and my GPU is a GTX 970, as I said I'm running Windows 10 and using the 64bit version of Rainmeter and the plugin.
Typically, I think I've got this working now. I was still using Percentual=1 when I came to actually displaying the data and obviously I don't need that with this plugin like I did with the OHM one. Noob error.