Gigabyte z170 d3h temp5


Hello, i know that there's many similar threads complaining about sensors which are suspended/not used showing correct vaule, but mine situation is slightly different.
I have mobo from title and i have question about 'temperature 5' indicator.

As you can see in idle (or low usage) it report temp similar to other sensors. But on high load or just benchmark/stress test it really fast goes to ~80 or even 90 degrees. All other components have nice and cool temp, because i have 7 fans in pc-case and case is nicely cooled.

After not-so-high load:



Any way to find out which part is responsible for temp5 sensor?
I want to cool it better, because often i'm highly loading my pc (rendering stuff and other calculations).
It might be the VRM temperature, but that's just my guess.
I'm sorry, but only GIGABYTE knows for sure what it is. You might try some experiments to blow cold air at certain parts of your mainboard and watch how those values behave to locate the particular sensor.
Hmm. Is any way to get sensor ID from HWiNFO and ask gigabyte support? They answer me some other technical questions by now so it's a chance that i could find out this one too.:)

//I find out that mobo have VRM: ISL95856.
Temperature 5 is read from register 0x2D. That should be sufficient for GIGABYTE to know which value it is.
Please let me know if you get a response from them.
Gigabyte support states that there's NO sensor under that register... I'm confused, because i think they just ignore me...
So... If we can do nothing with GB support i'll try to blow some air on certain parts of mobo and try to identify it. Thanks for help!
That's what I expected somehow. My experience with GIGABYTE's support is very bad too.
Martin said:
It might be the VRM temperature, but that's just my guess.
Hello, i came back. :) I bought a pyrometer and take some measurements. :) It's definitely VRM temp and if you want you can rename it for Gigabyte z170 d3h.