Global alerts


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Hello is there a way to set global alerts?

I'd need these for HDDs (expecially external), so I won't have to set them each time.
For example: temp>49 and any important SMART warnings.

- can temp icons appear by default if their alert is triggered?
- could you add an icon & tray menu shortcut to the alerts panel?
I'm sorry, it's not possible to set global alerts.
Tray icon color appearance is defined by the "Depends on alert threshold" setting. If not set, it will always be displayed using the user-defined color.
Martin said:
I'm sorry, it's not possible to set global alerts.
Thank you for the reply.
But do you think that such features could be introduced at some point?
(also the icons & shortcuts)
Sorry, but I don't think that global alerts would be a feature used by many users.
The same regarding an icon/shortcut for alerts. Why would this be useful? I don't think that users need to access this frequently.
But if I get such request from more users, I will reconsider it.