gpu custom temp fan setting

reset my windows computer, am going through the steps of setting a custom fan curve again. have a 970m, successfully set the fan curve for cpu but gpu doesnt have a temperature source. The gpu temperature is still there in the sensor list and it also lets me set a manual fan speed. installed all drivers and such.






am i missing something obvious? im not sure why the gpu temp is greyed out either. it worked for months before i reset my computer.
EDIT: played with settings, turning off poll sleeping gpus makes it not greyed out and now appears to read gpu temperature properly. Still no temperature settings when selecting gpu though.
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Your GPU might be disabled by NVIDIA Optimus when not utilized to preserve power.
ok yep thats it, poll sleeping gpu wasnt working or it was just working on the integrated. ill leave this post up just incase someone else is stupid like me and forgets about optimus.