fan control

  1. H

    hwinfo fan control

    May i ask how to let the fan control start up with windows? Everytime i open my laptop,i have to click on the fan icon to start the fan control
  2. P

    Dell Precision 3620 fan control

    Hi there, I've read the pinned post about fan control, I understand that not all devices are supported and that this is probably annoying to deal with. I couldn't find a list of accepted devices. I've been trying to get a basic fan curve since i've had this PC, 3 levels of control are shown...
  3. D

    Lenovo G585 Fan Monitoring missing

    Dear Hwinfo I have Lenovo G585 with Ene KB9012q IC EC Chip and it would be really great if you could add support for my laptop to read fan speed and also control it if it's possible of course and many thanks in advance for your attention ❤️ Datasheet from the...
  4. S

    Fan Control - only able to use 2500 or 5100 RPM ("Invalid Fan Speed/RPM value specified")

    I'm trying to use HWiNFO to control the fans in my XPS 15 9570 laptop since the default fan curve tends to kick my fan speed up way too late, but when I try to select target RPMs at different temperatures I'm given an error window saying that I can only use values of 0, 2500, or 5100. Is this...
  5. C

    Rename Fans In WiNFO Fan Control

    I have an Alienware Aurora R8 PC. I installed the HWiNFO64 v6.32-4270 onto my desktop because I noticed the Alienware Command and Control center had stopped controlling my fans. This software worked great, but two things I've noticed and one kinda annoys me and the other bothers me because I had...
  6. I

    [DELL Inspiron 5558] Fan showing 0 RPM post-restart. It initially worked once after disabling EC.

    Hi, I've got a Dell Inspiron 5558. I am running windows 10. I updated Bios to the latest version and used HWinfo64 latest stable version (6.3). Initially the fans were working properly. I used HWinfo and at first nothing happened. Then when I disabled EC sensors from the same dialog box which...
  7. K

    Fan control Automatic start?

    Hi folks, I have a question about fan control. I now had a Dell XPS 15 and before that a 7749 laptop and was always satisfied with the fan control. Is there a way to activate them by auto start? Unfortunately I always have to open HW and click on the fan symbol so that the control works. Which...
  8. H

    Need help with my 9560 EC controls

    Hello everyone ! Im playing my last card regarding this issue with this post, as ive researched for months now without being able to solve it. Ive read people on this forum were able to put together a solution, but ive never been able to reproduce it. The most helpful post came from this forum...
  9. 2

    Missing Fan RPM

    Hi there Most of my sensor data is there right after the start of HWiNFO64 on WIndows 10. Additional fan speed reports pop up only after the fans run for a while - in one case even then not persistently. Two fans are especially problematic: The onboard PCH fan (X570 chipset cooler), which...
  10. C

    Add More Fan Control Temperatures?

    Right now hwinfo is the only way I have to control my fans on the alienware 17r4. I'm wondering how hard would it be to add more temperature points to the fan software (8 or 10 maybe?) Or if there is another app that controls the fans with compal ec support exactly like hwinfo? Thank you
  11. L

    Fan control issue

    I have a Dell Inspiron 5558 with Nvidia 920M Graphic card and i was using hwinfo64 from the past 4 months and it was controlling the fan speed but since i upgraded my bios with all the other drivers and now i cant control the fan. I am sharing images of issues that i am facing, the temp is 80C...
  12. T

    RTX 2080 TI VRM Temperature/Fan Frozen

    Hey Martin, I found a weird bug after upgrading to a 2080 ti from a 1080 ti. The VRM temperature/fan report in the list is frozen. I'm not sure if it is my GPU or your program however. It worked fine from when I got the card last week until now. Not sure what changed. I updated my drivers like...
  13. L

    gpu custom temp fan setting

    reset my windows computer, am going through the steps of setting a custom fan curve again. have a 970m, successfully set the fan curve for cpu but gpu doesnt have a temperature source. The gpu temperature is still there in the sensor list and it also lets me set a manual fan speed. installed all...
  14. R

    FAN Control

    Good day! I`ve Alienware 15 R2 laptop. All versions prior 6.00 I could set both fans to maximum speed and quit HWINFO64 and fans kept maximum speed, since 6.00 version of HWINFO64 as soon as i close HWINFO64 fans are restored to default speeds. So, how can i fans constantly at maximum speeds in...
  15. MisterSniffles

    Most efficient setup for Dell G7?

    My fans have recently started acting up again after the windows update. I'm running a Dell G7 7588 with i7-8750 CPU. I recently found this tool to help control the fans and after tinkering with the numbers and such, I think I somewhat have the system figured out. What is still confusing is how...