Dell Precision 3620 fan control


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Hi there,

I've read the pinned post about fan control, I understand that not all devices are supported and that this is probably annoying to deal with. I couldn't find a list of accepted devices.

I've been trying to get a basic fan curve since i've had this PC, 3 levels of control are shown in HWINFO for each fan, I can set the speed to the middle level and everything works perfectly, however on max speed the fans rapidly fluctuate, switching between max speed and some lower speed multiple times per second.

This creates an awful noise as you can imagine. I've tried both auto control methods as well as setting respin to 1ms and 0ms (the fluctuations are the same). Spin-down is on 8 seconds.
I can get the fans to run at a high speed by enabling fan control override in the bios, this sets them to constantly run smoothly at max speed. However I can't lower and increase those speeds, only lower, raising them causes the aforementioned problem. I just want a simple fan curve that stops overheating without deafening me, 3 levels of control is enough

Any ideas? Thanks so much