Rename Fans In WiNFO Fan Control


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I have an Alienware Aurora R8 PC. I installed the HWiNFO64 v6.32-4270 onto my desktop because I noticed the Alienware Command and Control center had stopped controlling my fans. This software worked great, but two things I've noticed and one kinda annoys me and the other bothers me because I had to find other software to implement it. A third one might be out of the control of this but figured I'd list it to get help

1. HWiNFO does not have my GPU fans to control. I have a GTX1080 and a GTX960 running together (not in SLI of course) and I can't control either fan with this service. I installed MSI Afterburner and that allowed me to do it but I'd rather have 1 service do all of the cooling work rather than 2 individual services and doing my research I found that HWiNFO does do this, I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong.

2. HWiNFO shows my PC Fan names as Fan1, Fan2, and Fan3. I looked in the sensor status page and they do show up as CPU, TOP Fan, and Front fan. How do I rename the Fan Control to reflect their correct name for better fine tuning of the fans.

3. This one may not be in the control of HWiNFO but doing Custom Auto or the slide bar, I either get Off, Low or High. Is there a way to give more range on the fan control? I'd love help with these


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