GPU Serial Number?


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Hi Martin,

I would like to register my Asus GPU that came in my Certified Data custom built tower by London Drugs. I was wondering if there is anyway to "read" the serial number virtually like you are able to glean so much other useful data like both the Asus and AMD ATI model numbers of the GPU.

I look forward to hearing from you, :)

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I'm afraid, this is not possible. AFAIK, the serial number is not stored in the GPU.
Martin said:
I'm afraid, this is not possible. AFAIK, the serial number is not stored in the GPU.

Hi Martin,

I am sorry to hear that but I have no idea what "AFAIK" means. If it is short hand, I don't do much short hand, sorry. :D

I have good news for you ;)
I just found that certain ATI/AMD GPUs seem to contain a serial number in the ASIC, so I added reporting of this number. Though I'm not sure if there's some special way how to interpret the number read out, I'll just display it in raw format. It's available from the new Beta build 1907.
Thank you Martin,

It is a busy day today, I will check it out later today when I logon. :D


Martin, the serial number looks OK as far as I can tell. The test will come when I try to register it with Asus. I will attempt to do that this weekend and add a further update when I do. :D


Martin, Asus doesn't recognize the Serial Number but I don't know why? It might be that it is an AMD ATI Serial Number??? I am not sure where the separation is between AMD and Asus on the graphics Cards but it takes AMD ATI updates just fine. :D

Thanks for trying!!! :D

The ASIC serial number is for the actual GPU chip itself which is written in by whoever fabs the chips for AMD/nVidia.

I'm looking at the HWInfo report from an MSI RTX 3070 here and it says the ASIC manufacturer is Samsung. And Samsung do manufacture GPUs for nVidia.

The serial number ASUS want for card registration is for the graphics card itself.
This s/n is printed on a sticker and slapped onto the card on the back of the card.
I don't think I've ever seen any software report that, probably because there isn't a standard for card manufacturers to burn it on to the card.