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Hello, i have small problem, i feel like my gpu work fine, dont rly see anything strange (or i do not know that) but when i check my gpu look s like something is wrong with my Effective speed or im reading it incorrect? Friend have gtx 1060 and he has effective speed 2000+ .

Graphics Memory Clock: 101.3 MHz (Effective 810.0 MHz)

I also found that while im looking at sensors my memory cloack show (screen) 1750MHz while as i understand correct its x4 (GDDR6) what is giving my 7000MHz, and my GPU has 14000MHz, i reading something wrong?


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This is because the GPU is idle, check the value in sensors when GPU is under load. I can see it showing 1750 MHz (14000 effective) as maximum reached during the run, so all should be well.
I had the same values as in screenshot 1 under load, and also without, so I thought it might be a normal value, but I found what was the problem.

I work on the computer in 99% when working remotely, remote desktop or chrome desktop. I do not know how HwInfo collects information, but when working remotely, it is completely wrong, I connected the monitor out of curiosity and everything is correct.


Don't look at the data in main window, that's only sampled during start and doesn't refresh. Look at values in the sensors screen.