HDD temperature in HWiNFO64 and HWiNFO32


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HDD temperature in HWiNFO32 changes, but not in HWiNFO64. What could be the reason for this behavior. Is this a bug or a feature.
Reinstalled HWiNFO, deleted old settings.
System: AMD Ryzen 5900X, ASUS TUF GAMING X570-X, Windows 10 Pro 21H1.
Check your SMART polling period set in HWiNFO64 whether it's perhaps set too large causing a much less frequent polling of SMART status.
Thank you Martin. I set a Polling period - Disk SMART every 1 and it all worked. It is not clear why the default value is 100. In the 32-bit version there is no choice of interface language, unlike the 64-bit one. Is it so intended?
Yes, that's intentional. HWiNFO32 is based on ANSI character set to preserve compatibility with older operating systems.