High amperage (91A/119A) shown - truth or failure


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I think the values at "GPU Core Current" and "GPU Current" are unbelievable high. Could it be true, maybe depends on discharging capacitors or could it be just a measurement error? 119Ampere -should there not sparks fly?

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Those values look OK, lots of GPUs can draw even higher current and it's also confirmed by the VRM readings below.
Even CPUs consume currents in the 100A (or higher) range.
Those chips run at relatively low voltages (0.8-1.2V) so it's OK.
This is a normal consumption current value for low-voltage circuitry. It is the sum of the current consumption of the individual transistors. In itself it is small (MOS transistors operate in micro-mode), but since a lot of them and in relation to the power supply are connected in series-parallel, then the total current consumption is significant.