How to convert a rainmeter skin to use hwinfo?


As the title says, I have found a really nice skin that I would love to use with rainmeter but it uses open hardware monitor and core temp, both of which havent been updated for ages and dont play nice with my skylake setup.

Would anyone be so kind as to help me convert this awesome skin to work exclusively with hwinfo64? I can edit the hardware ID's etc but redoing the skin to work with hwinfo is way over my head and I am clueless. :(

This is the skin in question:

Many thanks in advance!
After much head scratching and swearing, I actually managed to get it working with HWiNFO64 perfectly well and also added a couple of extra readouts. :)

stangowner said:
Nice work.

Thanks! I've spent quite a few hours on it since I posted that last pic. This is how it looks now:


I also made this one myself from scratch. Its a bit rough around the edges as my photoshop skills arent the best but I'm happy with it. Its basically a CPU usage monitor built in to the ROG image. The black border fills up from the bottom upwards with a blue to yellow gradient depending on cpu usage.

No cpu Usage:


Max Cpu usage: 

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