Hello together,

i have a question about HW info. I have a Asus PCE-AC68 WLAN card in my pc and i want to see the current download and upload speed. But in the setting i only see the LAN ports from the Mainboard. 
Do i have to add the card manual in HW info?

Excuse me for the english mistakes.
Best regards from Germany.
I created the two files and i hope that the files are correct. if not please let me know.


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The "ASUS PCE-AC68 802.11ac Network Adapter" should be reported as "Broadcom 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter" in sensors, it's the same card.
Do you see it there ?
I only see at the bottom
                   Total DL "Intel I217-V (ClarkvilleV) Network Adapter" 
                   Total UP "Intel I217-V (ClarkvilleV) Network Adapter"
                   Total DL "Intel I211-AT Cooper (Pearsonville) Network Adapter"
                   Total UP "Intel I211-AT Cooper (Pearsonville) Network Adapter"

I think these are the two Network adapter from the mainboard.
Then it's possible that the card driver doesn't provide statistic information. Try to upgrade or change the driver.
With the windows gadget Network Meter it works. I can choose between the two LAN Ports and the ASUS WLAN card.
Do you at least see the WLAN sensor title in sensors ? Can you attach a screenshot of the sensors screen?
Here is a screenshot of the sensors. The two LAN Ports are the only network sensors.


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OK with the new version i can see the WLAN card in the sensor list. But i can't find it in the hwinfo monitor. I can't attached the DBG file because it's 1,287 kb. (You are currently using 1.05 MB of your allocated attachment usage (Unlimited) [View My Attachments])
So you do see the card and the respective values?
You can compress the DBG file (ZIP, RAR, 7z, anything) and then attach it.
As for HWiNFOMonitor, you might check the respective section on this forum.
I see only the name of the card. I also attached a screenshot of the sensor list.


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Well, this means the card doesn't return statistics information. I don't know how Network Meter is able to report that, but I'm not aware of another method yet.
Maybe a different WLAN driver might work with HWiNFO...
They are using different methods, that are not well suitable for HWiNFO.
The fact that the WLAN card doesn't return statistics information means that it's not NDIS 6 compliant, because this information is mandatory.
Anyway, I have tried to implement a workaround for this. Please try this build: www.hwinfo.com/beta/hw64_465_2549.zip and let me know the result.
Oh, it looks really good now. With this beta i have all the values what i need. Will you include these settings in the next official version of HW Info? Thank you a lot for your work to solve my problem. Here is a screenshot of the sensor list.


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