HwInfo able to show "additional CPU Dies" (Ryzen 5600x, 5800x)?

Okay, i know this is more a curisoty thing but is HwInfo able to show if there is are any additional dies on these CPUs?
If it isn't clear what i'm talking about i'm talking about this Clocktuner seems to be able to tell, so i wonder would HWInfo report that as well? And how would it look like?
We can determine which CCDs are utilized and which cores on a particular CCD are enabled. But can't tell in case the secondary CCD is completely disabled whether it's present or not present.
The sensors window of HWiNFO does also display which CCD is enabled, i.e "CPU CCDn (Tdie)" and which core is located on a particular CCD: "CoreN (CCDn)" temperatures.