HWinfo causing Windows manager process to crash / reset when at 4k resolution?


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Hey folks,

I've a 5900x, 3090 founders based system. Seems to be mostly stable in games and the like, bar one issue. When I've HWMonitor open, specifically using a 4k display, the screen will flash blank for a second. This is irrespective of if there is or is not load and if HWinfo is in or is not in focus. When using a 1440p display, I've not had the issue pop up.

I've rolled back drivers and have a new windows install going just to see if it was software issues causing it. No difference. I am using the latest build of HWinfo that's in a non beta release.

Windows indicates in EVNTviewer that Desktop Windows manager process has exited at the time when the screen flashes blank.

Anybody else have this issue?
You say you have HWMonitor open, but that's a different product. Was this just a typo and you meant HWiNFO instead or do you have both tools running?
Yes. Sorry. I meant HWiNFO. I was able to replicate the issue on another 3080 based build @Martin. The issue didn't happen with July 2020 drivers (lol) however once we updated the latest NVIDIA drivers released back in April, the issue started. These are both asus based motherboards (x570 hero and x570 corshair viii)

The display I'm using is LG c8 running at 4k in HDR mode. In 1440p it seems to be stable, or at least I haven't had it crash in the same manner.
That seems to be a bug in NVIDIA drivers, wouldn't be the first one. Try to disable monitoring of the NVIDIA GPU in HWiNFO (hit Del over the NVIDIA sensor heading) if the issue will happen then.
Exact same issue, Aorus Master x570 board and 3090 card. Interestingly enough it only happens on one of my machines. I have another identical build (different board but still x570 chipset) no issues. Same card in the other no issues.

I'm pretty sure he's running it for the same reasons I am. We need to be able to monitor the memory junction temps and max that it hits.

Just upgraded to 7.10 hopefully that resolves it.
I'm pretty sure this is what I'm experiencing currently, Prime X470-Pro, 5900x+3080Ti with latest drivers from Nvidia, 4K Display (LG UltraGear 27GN950-B) and my dwm.exe is crashing randomly while HWiNFO 7.10 is running.