HWiNFO Crashes- After Installing GPU Riser Cable??


Hello, I was running HWiNFO before shutting my computer down to install a GPU riser cable. Finished the install, system booted up fine and fired my mining program up and everything mining ETHash perfectly. However, I cannot get HWiNFO to run a full analysis. it keeps crashing during "analyzing devices." Here is the debug file that I am able to create.


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EDIT: I got this to run by changing the setting to include "Low-level PCI Access". I only had to do this after adding a 16x to 16x riser cable for my RTX 3090 GPU

This is quite strange. I'd recommend to perform some stress testing and make sure you aren't getting WHEA errors.
This is quite strange. I'd recommend to perform some stress testing and make sure you aren't getting WHEA errors.
Hi Martin, is my crash log strange or just my description of the incident? The only other thing I did was after powering down my computer I unplugged the PSU without using its "off" switch. Later I then did the same thing by plugging power cable back onto it without "flipping the switch off." I don't think that is a big deal but that was the only other abnormal thing I can think that I did.
EDIT #2: Tonight I did my first testing using the 16x to 1x riser (same other components as everything). Using this, HWiNFO is crashing again. New Debug file is attached. Also, my 3090 is now only mining at 60 MH/S where today before this swap to the 16x to 1x riser I was at 115 MH/s. Maybe I have a power cable issue? Not getting sufficient through the riser power board?


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Such crash is strange. Judging by your description it looks like the riser isn't working properly, most probably there's a problem with signal integrity.
Check in HWiNFO (if you're able to run it) if you're getting WHEA errors, or in Windows Event Viewer.
I'm in Windows Event Viewer (for my first time ever). i don't see any errors that seem to be under WHEA heading or anything like that. Lots of errors for the "app crash" from HWiNFO but any specific area I should be looking? Here is my screenshot of where I am looking and it looks ok?

Well, I think you were spot on about the riser being the source of the problem. Just shut the computer down, fiddled with the riser connection (even though everything felt fine). Restarted computer and no more program crashing. Maybe the connection is just finnicky with this riser now vs. straight into the Mobo
Such risers are quite sensitive and must be well fitted, otherwise the high-speed signals easily fail signal integrity resulting in errors.