Hwinfo Monitor 2.0 Gadget Decimal Value


Hello, I would like to display decimal values in the monitor. Temperatures and fan speeds are rounded up or down. Power consumption, on the other hand, is displayed with decimal values.

In Hwinfo I can set decimal values for other sensors, but these are not transferred to the monitor and continue to be rounded up or down.

What do I have to set where, so that other sensors are also displayed with decimal values?
Hmm, I'm looking in options for the gadget but can't find such possibility yet.
It might require modifying the setting/style files.
Hello, what settings do I need to change so that the gadget does not round up numerical values but outputs them exactly ?
That won't be easy as it would require modifying the source code/style files of the HWiNFOMonitor Gadget.
For your case it might be better to use a different solution, for example the Rainmeter with HWiNFO plugin.
Is it not possible to enter another parameter for tofixed under Modify Value, so that the value is not rounded ?Screenshot 2023-03-09 222824.png