HWiNFO monitor Corsair AX1500i issue

Hi Martin,

The only reason the gadget would do this is if the value is no longer in shared memory?  Is this possible? He also states this affects the OSD, so its not just gadget related.  Do you not write any bad values to shared memory (ie the sensor entry is gone all together)?  If so, can you just write the previous reading again so the entry remains and just does not update for the bad value?

Hi Nick,
yes, that's true - currently when an invalid value is read from a sensor, it won't be put into shared memory.
I could change it as you recommend, but I think it won't be OK because how will then others know that the actual value is not valid ?
What if I would return INVALID_READING instead (-9999), would you then show the previous value in the gadget ?
Hi Martin,

Yes, I think setting it to -9999 would be a good solution.  I'll consider this solution for the updates I'm working on.

- Nick
Nick, perhaps it would be simpler if I publish the last valid value instead of an INVALID marker ? This way you won't need to make any changes...
Please try the latest Beta v5.21-2810, it should resolve your problem and show the last valid value instead.