HWiNFO not Saving Changes to Thousands Separator and CSV Item Separator Character


I started to use HWiNFO 7.15-4640 and noticed that whenever I try to change the character for the thousands separator and the CSV item separator, it doesn't save the change and stays as default, both as a comma. I can change the decimal separator without any issues.

Could I suggest this to be looked at as I never had this issue on previous versions? This is an issue on regions in which the decimal separator is commonly a comma and the thousands separator is a dot, as it ends up demanding additional steps to correctly handle the numbers inside a datalog.

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It's working correctly now, thanks for solving it.

Just as an information, I did this test in a different computer from which I noticed the issue on the first time, that PC isn't available to me right now. Hopefully this is irrelevant.