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So it’s as easy as it can be. My PC lagged so I opened up HWiNFO and immediately noticed very high NVMe drive temperatures (Samsung MZVLB1T0HALR-000L2) in idle mode (70-75 degrees on one of them).

See the image below.
2023-08-02 12_06_04-DesktopWindowXamlSource.png

I opened my PC and I realized that my motherboard’s (Aorus B450 Elite) NVMe heatsink is not doing its work. For some reason, the drive is not covered completely.

2023-08-02 12_44_22-363528420_1368980666989353_2064634590195828860_n.png ‎- Fotod.png

I fiddled around with the heatsink, snuck it in place a bit better and covered all three chips. Now idle temp (work, browsers, updates etc.) keeps temps between 43-63 (not ideal still). I still need to work on the fitting of the heatsink.

Next step is to find a better solution for the heatsink and maybe even use a little thermal paste to get the temps down. If I turn off zero RPM mode on my GPU, the temps will drop to low 40s quite fast.

That’s how HWiNFO saved my drive! Idle 75 degrees, load 85 would have killed it quite fast ;)

Hopefully this helps someone else, too!
for a motherblard heatsink on top of an aircooled GPU it's pretty good actually.
the problem with heatsinks is they are also heat soaks if there's something hot nearby :p a bit more airflow does wonders