HWiNFO Shared Memory Viewer doesn't work



I use HWiNFO Pro, I checked that "Shared Memory Support" option is ticked in the settings, but when I launch HWiNFO Shared Memory Viewer, it says: ' Failed to connect to HWiNFO. Please ensure HWiNFO is running, shared memory is enabled and sensors are active.'

HWiNFO is running, shared memory is enabled, I don't know exactly how to check that sensors are active but I guess they are as they appear in the sensors window.

So I don't know why is the HWiNFO Shared Memory Viewer not working. Please help me.Capture.JPG

Thank you in advance for the help.

PS: I use HWiNFO Pro v7.12 - 4580, I know it's not the latest: I've updated it to the latest version but then my GPU sensors weren't detected at all for some reason. So I had to uninstall it and install v7.12 again.
Are you runnig the Shared Memory Viewer as Administrator with elevated rights?
Which GPU sensors are not detected in latest HWiNFO?
Yes: I right click HWiNFOSharedMemoryViewer.exe and then 'Run as Administrator'.
In latest version, there was no GPU section at all, nothing.
Have you also tried to click the Reload button once the HWiNFO sensors window is open?
I'd like to see the HWiNFO Debug File from latest version so I can check why no GPU section was shown.
Yes I clicked the Reload button, butn nothing more happens.
I can reinstall the latest version of HWiNFO for you: please tell me how to find the Debug File.
I installed latest version.
Now the HWiNFOSharedMemoryViewer works fine.


But there is still no GPU section at the end of the Sensors list:


I sent you the requested files by PM.
This is very strange, I can see the GPU detected and in the main window listed too.
Please also provide a DBG file when you open the sensors window (send via PM, don't post on my profile). The current DBG wasn't created with sensors open.
It's weird: I installed it, it worked fine, but after few minutes the connection was lost again:


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Now that I ticked "Show Sensors on Startup" (and also "Minimize Sensors on Startup") HWiNFOSharedMemoryViewer works fine :))
Thank you!