HWinfo Stop my HDD Click noise


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Hello, i always used HWinfo since it was released, i have an HDD who make a clicking noise after 1-2 minutes, the HDD is not faulty because it have 5 years old and it make the click since day 1 and it works well so.. when i have HWinfo the clicking noise stops which is good for me but im curious and i want to know what its the setting that make my HDD stop to make that metalic noise noise (i assume is it normal because i have literally 0 problems in 5 years) and i want to know if can stop that noise with any windows or bios settings
There's no settings or any intentional action that would HWiNFO do in order to stop those clicks.
My assumption is that it's just some coincidence and when HWiNFO constantly queries the disk for status (SMART) it probably somehow suppress that noise.
The clicking can occur when the HDD heads go to "parking position" (?).

Some years ago this was a problem for the combination of some Seagate HDD in linux environments (typically NAS systems). Because some linux systems "log something" every 30s and the parking timeout of these Seagate HDD was 25s. So there was every 30s a "parking ... non parking" cycle. I remember that I installed a new firmware on the HDDs to increase the parking timeout > 30s. The counter for parking cycles is typically the SMART value "Load Cycle Count" (e.g. link)

When you run HWINFO, do you have logging switched on?
In case of yes, this can explain why the clicking is gone, because writing on disks "every few seconds" prevents that HDD heads go into "parking position" (crosscheck: switch off logging to check if clicking is back?) . In case of no HWINFO is running and clicking is back, have a look at the "Load Cycles Count" SMART value ... does it increase "one per click" ?