HWInfo temps appear to disagree with BIOS


In my system (full configration below), I have an EK XTop Revo D5 pump connected to the motherboards W_PUMP_1 connector, a Bitspower temp sensor in the reservoir connected to the motherboard's W_IN connector and a Phyboia inline temp sensor in the CPU block output port connected to the W_OUT connector. My radiator fans are connected, via a splitter, to the motherboard's CPU_FAN connector. I am using the BIOS to control the water pump speed and fan speed and am using HWInfo64 v6.08-3830 to monitor everything.

I see the water pump speed and fans speed reacting to the BIOS's controls but the temperatures and speeds reported by HWInfo do not match the temperatures and speeds that are set in the BIOS profiles. The BIOS uses the CPU temperature to control the fan speed and the W_OUT sensor to control the pump speed.

The CPU fans are set to go to 100% speed at 70C, but HWInfo only shows them hitting max speed at about 80C (I can confirm the speeds audibly since these are noisy fans at max speed). This implies to me that HWInfo and BIOS have differing opinions on the interpretation of the readings coming from the CPU fan speed sensors or differing opinions of the output of the CPU temperature sensor.

I see a similar discrepency between the HWInfo W_OUT sensor reading and the reported water pump speeds. My system is very stable at a reported W_OUT reading of 30C (according to HWInfo), but the pump speed that HWInfo reports at 30C (4600 RPM) corresponds to what the BIOS profile should be using for a temperature of 34C. At 30C the BIOS would be using a pump speed of 4000 RPM).

Does anyone know of any reasons for these discrepancies?
This is a WIndows 10 system. I have attached a HWInfo report file.

My configuration is as follows: (BIOS and all drivers are latest available)
ASUS Rampage VI Extreme Omega MB
Intel Core i9 9980XE (O.C. 4.2 GHz)
G.Skill Trident Z F4-4000C18Q2 64GB (8x8) (O.C. 4 GHz)
380GB Intel Optane 905P SSD (boot)
2TB Intel 660P SSD (data)
8TB WD MyBook (ext backup)
EVGA GeForce GTX 1080ti 11GB
Dell U3011 Monitor (30")
Intel Wireless-AC 9260 (on MB)
Silverstone Strider Gold 1200W PSU
Silverstone TJ11 case

HWLabs Nemesis GTX360
Noctua NF-F12 iPPC 2000RPM 120MM push-pull
EK Velocity WB
EK XTOP Revo D5 pump
EK DBay Spin Res


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There are several CPU temperatures measured, perhaps the BIOS uses some other value for fan control.
Can you verify if the expected temperature thresholds match the Intel CPU DTS sensor values, CPU Package temperature or another temperature reported under the Nuvoton sensor?
I found the other 'CPU' temperatures to which you referred. I was only looking at the CPU Package and Core Max values from the DTS section. When I looked in the Nuvoton section, I found four more CPU-related temperatures. These values are all over the map with respect to the DTS values, but one of them tracked the BIOS's behavior exactly, so I am assuming that it is the one that the ASUS Q-fan control is using as the CPU temperature. It invariably runs 10-15C below the DTS values. So I just adjusted my BIOS fan control profiles appropriately and all is well as far as the fans are concerned.

As far as the water pump is concerned, the BIOS and HWInfo are definitely using the EC same value, the BIOS lets me chose the W_OUT signal, which is what I am displaying in HWInfo. There seems to really be a 4C difference of opinion between the BIOS and HWInfo here. The values displayed for the Water Pump speed do seem to be scaled correctly as each 1C temperature change that is shown in HWInfo results in a 144 RPM change in the displayed pump speed, which matches exactly with the speed change specified in the profile for a 1C temperature change. So here there appears to be a 4C offset in the temperature values. The BIOS is behaving as if the temperature that it is seeing is 4C higher than the temperature that HWInfo is displaying.
HWiNFO doesn't apply any offset to those EC temperatures, so I believe it's rather the BIOS that does offset it for fan control.