HWiNFO v7.30 released problem with msi x570 unify


Hi! I use the POST-code on my msi x570 unify for showing temperature of my CPU. But, when i use last release HWiNFO v7.30 with my Msi x570 unify, the temperature in my motherboard's POST-code freezes. In release 7.26 it's all fine.
Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File for analysis.
Also please try to disable SMBus Support in HWiNFO just to test if this is causing it.
Yes, the SMBus option should be enabled, I just wanted to see whether this is the right area I should be looking for to fix it. And it is.
Unfortunately the Debug File you provided doesn't include data from HWiNFO startup.
Could you please enable SMBus again with Debug Mode, start HWiNFO new to do full scan, then close it and attach a new Debug File?
It is now from the start but this time doesn't contain sensor data :( which is needed too. Sorry about that, I wasn't clear enough.
That's it, thanks. Seems the POST-code controller is sensitive to certain access that HWiNFO accidentally performs.
This could be solved by skipping access to this SMBus device but we need to determine which one it is.
Please go into main settings of HWiNFO, SMBus/I2C tab and click boxes for 29 and 4A if that will solve the problem. Should look like this:


Please let me know the result.
No it did not work.
By the way, when POST-code CPU temperature freezes, close HWiNFO is not enough to unfreeze it, only restart PC.
Thank you for this. I am having the exact same problem and was going crazy trying to find the culprit. Google search now points out this thread, so I know what is causing my temperature sensor to freeze. My fans kept getting stuck because the temperature just stopped changing.
Thats very odd, my Asus X570-E can do something similar with post code display but it has not been an issue yet, mine is showing thermal probe from watercooling fitting however hwinfo advices always to turn of checking those sensors and turning it off, does it do this on your boards for those with problems ?
This is how i got it disabled
And i have no issues, if no need to monitor it anyway i can see it right on my post code display anyway
The POST code display on MSI boards works differently from ASUS and requires different handling. But this issue should be fixed in the latest Beta builds.