HWINFO Weirdness

So for whatever reason my HWINFO has stopped working, no rhyme or reason, Its just stuck I went into the task manager to close it and restart it but for whatever reason it will not let me, i hit close like 100 times and its stuck open and broken, I am not sure what to do to get it working again.
So I went into safemode and removed it and reinstalled it and it seems to work now, donno why it like freaked out and stopped working, took a few hours to figure out how to fix it, but its fixed now
Hard to say what's going on without having a chance to look at more details. Perhaps a deadlock due to a collision with some other monitoring tool?
Not using any other monitoring tool as far as I know, though now for whatever reason only half of my memorys rgb seems to work, im using the nzxt thing with it, that does it on a ram by ram basis and it doesnt work anymore and the ram thing in the aura is gone as well,
Then it could be some collision between the RGB control software and HWiNFO. Such software often doesn't work properly with other monitoring tools.
Try to power off the machine, report power cord, wait a few seconds and then switch on again.