HWINFO x64 not initially showing on Logitech G15


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Greetings.  I hope this post finds you well.  I could not find a post that suggested this issue, nor one that was in the time frame of the release I am using.  I am running HWINFO64 5.22.2280 and Logitech x64 8.82.151 drivers for my G15 (older version) keyboard.  This is also running on Windows 10 x64 Professional.  Prior to this release (both versions have been updated recently), I was able to press the toggle button on the keybaord to cycle through displays.  Now, initially, the display will not show HWINFO, although it is checked ON in the Logitech software.  In order to get it to show, I need to open HWINFO Sensors-Configure Sensors-Logitech LCD, select an option which is selected as YES to display, uncheck Show Value On LCD, then check it again.  I can now cycle through to show HWINFO on the display.  Thoughts?  Feelings?
Do you remember what was the previous HWiNFO version you used ? If yes, can you try it to see whether it will work as before ?
Martin said:
Do you remember what was the previous HWiNFO version you used ? If yes, can you try it to see whether it will work as before ?

It was the last full version, 5.20.2800, and I still have the installer.  I can try it, but I know that downgrading Logitech software tends to be a nightmare.

Have you any thoughts about this issue before I start the battle?
Sorry, I have no thoughts. I haven't changed anything in the LG LCD code for long time, so I don't think the problem is caused by the HWiNFO upgrade, but I wanted to be sure.
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I've the same issue.
I'm now on HWinfo64, windows 10, logitech G13.
I don't think it's exactly a bug, but in fact it's probably that when my system boot, logitech gaming software is initializing slower than HWinfo. So that my G13 is not ready when HWi try to use it's display.
I have no issue if I launch manually HWinfo.
Maybe someone knows how to make logitech software initialize faster or to delay HWi start?
Indeed, such starting order might cause a problem.
If you have HWiNFO automatically starting, then you can adjust it in Windows Task Scheduler. You can either add some startup delay to the HWiNFO task, or add dependency.
Similar method might be used for LG software in case it starts via Task Scheduler too, but I'm not sure about this.
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I have a LG G15 v2 and tried to load HWiNFO a minute or a lot of minutes after LG gaming software (v9.02.65) load, but no luck.
I dont think its HWiNFO's fault as many (non LG) applets that used to work now dont. Either is LG software or Win10 issue or something else, like a combination of issues.
I've just installed Win 10 2004 from a new install media (didn't fancy the upgrade). I've had some issues which I've overcome so far. I have added a 30 second delay to HWiNFO but the problem is that when the sensor dialog is closed the G15 does not display any readings and you need to show the sensor and tap the LCD button to get the reading again. I have not tried with Riva Tuner/MSI afterburner yet.

Edit: Ok, all I need to do is minimise rather than close the sensors; and I have HWiNFO to open the sensors and minimise at startup. :)
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After plenty of toiling, I finally figured out that even with the startup delay, and ticking the right metrics to display, I still had to build the display readout.

e.g. it wont work until you assign screen, column, line and font values.

I wish there was a pointer or explainer on that because I struggled and googled before stumbling onto it.

Right now, it works on my G15 with Logitech 9.04.49 and HWiNFO 7.64