HWInfo64 causing XBOX Wireless adapter to heating up when idle.

Hi, first thanks for this great monitoring tool.
2 weeks ago I bought XBOX Wireless adapter (6HN-00004) for my Xbox series x controller. I immediately noticed that this thing heating up even when gamepad is off and adapter is also in sleep state. I googled a bit and it seems some people run into this issue with no real solution.
Well today I found the reason at least on my machine: HWinfo64. When program is opened device begins to heating up immediately. When I close HWinfo it begins to cool down. I suspect that program constantly polling it and prevents idle state.
However it seems if I disable Adapter sensors it stops heating up with HWInfo open.HWiNFO64_jXjouFEd5r.png
I'll leave this information here anyway so maybe someone will find it as solution.

Can't really provide any useful info other than:
HWinfo version 7.00 - 4400 default settings
Motherboard: b550 aorus master
CPU: ryzen 3800x
PSU: Corsair rm 750x
I think other PC parts are irrelevant
Windows 10 Pro latest version with all updates
That polling performs just standard network adapter statistics queries. So if that causes such defeat of power management resulting in heating up it's a fault of the Xbox network driver.
Hey Martin, you can filter these out by excluding Xbox class adapters. HWInfo seems to contribute to the dongles running warmer even when controls are on and being used, theres a few different drivers at hand but it seems its the ones that are of
*IfType                         = 281                      ; IF_TYPE_XBOX_WIRELESS
are the ones appearing in HWInfo which are what the newer mini dongles on the 1.0.4x drivers are installed as.

*IfType                         = 6                        ; IF_TYPE_ETHERNET_CSMACD
already seems to be excluded from HWInfo, atleast the long adapter and some of the 2E6 short ones don't show stats in hwinfo