HWiNFO64 Crashes while detecting ATA/SCSI Drive/s *Fixed*


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The tool constantly crashes examining the Hardware specifically the ATA/SCSI portion in sensor mode, the tool cannot be closed via Task manager and only a full shut down closes the tool.



HWiNFO Author
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I can see now that the problem happens when HWiNFO queries the SAMSUNG HD103SI drive for its statistics status. It just hangs in the query.
Perhaps upgrading the Intel RST drivers might help. If not, you can try to disable "ATA Statistics Support" option in HWiNFO.


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Gosh, that drive again, it is the oldest drive in my system and only 5400 rpm but it still works, but causes all kinds of issues.

Long story short, disabling ATA Statistics Support fixed it. Thank you very much for your time and help.