hwinfo64 has a very strange proplem please fix it


I have gigabyte
ga z170x gaming 5
and i7 6700k
hwinfo64 report a stable cpu vcore voltage

then I was watching some youtube videos and hwinfo64 alert me for an vcore spike of 2 V
last 1 second then everything come normal
onother spike was 1.560v also last 1 second only

I run cpu stress test at 100% vcore voltage was normal and stable all the test

I was running both gigabyte system information viewer and hwinfo64
I set both to alert me when vcore reached 1.3 voltage
hwinfo64 alert me again with the same 1.560v
system information viewer did not alert me of any vcore spike

what happened with hwinfo64 alert of a spike with 2V (vcore)
I thing that will shut down the motherboard .

I'm using windows 10 64bit
I'm not overclocking
all bios settings are defult and auto
which I thing the motherboard will not ever never allow the vcore to go 2v if you did not played with bios setting and leave it as defult and auto.
That could be an invalid value read from the sensor. Which sensor is it ?
Please try to reproduce the situation using the latest HWiNFO Beta and post a screenshot of that item - the erratic value should be seen as the Max. Also enabling sensor logging and posting the resulting log could be helpful for me to diagnose the problem.
thank you for your fast reply
I will try to enable sensor logging and I will post again later

as I said again
both gigabyte system information viewer latest version
and hwinfo64
were set to alert me when vcore reached 1.3
hwinfo64 alert me with 1.560v
system information viewer did not alert of any vcore spike all was normal according to siv
if it was a real 1.560v
I thing gigabyte system information viewer will got that reading also right ?

from where hwinfo64 got that reading ??
HWiNFO should be reading Vcore from the same sensor input as the Gigabyte tool does.
Is the value you're talking about the one under the ITE sensor and is the value otherwise equal to what Gigabyte reports ?
Thanks. I can see the values are pretty consistent, they differ only because of the different sampling frequency of both tool.
I can see that Gigabyte tool raises an alarm, but it's not obvious why exactly. HWiNFO didn't.
So this doesn't give me more information about the issue you reported.
gigabyte tool did not raise an alarm in this video -it.s just me set it to alert me when vcore reach some point.

my question again in simple way
I was running both programs
hwinfo64 and gigbyte tool
suddenly while I was watching youtube videos hwinfo64 alert me of a vcore of 1.5V
gigabyte tool did not gave me any alert according to gigabyte tool vcore did not reached 1.5V
so I just want to khnow why hwinfo64 miss reading while gigabyte tool did not if both of them reading from same sensor ??

I like hwinfo64 when I need to monitor my temp
but I was shocked when it gave me a vcore alert of 2v and 1.5v
while in gigabyte tool everything was normal .

also I will try hwinfo64 latest beta .
I have asked you to provide a screenshot of that erratic situation + enable sensor logging and attach the resulting log when the issue happens.
Without that I cannot check it.
hello again
you asked me to provide a screenshot of that erratic situation
as you you see
in gigabyte system information viewer everything is normal there is no vcore spike
in hwinfo64 is reporting a vcore of 2.028V with a cpu tempreture of 35C 37C 31C 34C :D  funny right
also look at tempreture 4 minus 88 (askimo :D )
what.s wrong with hwinfo64 with these false readings ?
gigabyte tool did not gave me these false readings .

onother vcore spike

you asked me for sensor logging here is a CSV file when the vcore happened
Thank you for the data.
This looks like an occasional erratic readout from the sensor - at the time when it happens, both Vcore and Temperature 4 values get off scale (their binary values are very similar too).
It could be a conflict when both applications (HWiNFO and Gigabyte tool) access the sensor. Does this happen only when both applications are active?
Please try to run HWiNFO only without other system monitoring tools and let me know if it still happens.