HWINFO64 + Rivatuner + Mantle? (or only DirectX?)



In BF4 HWINFO64 + Rivatuner 64 bit gives a great OSD that works fine when choosing DirectX as driver in BF4 but when choosing Mantle as driver in BF4 the OSD does not work..............

Maybe this is normal or is there something I can do to get the OSD to work also when I use Mantle gfx driver in BF4? (As Mantle gives me butter smooth gameplay in BF4 with my 7950 crossfire setup while DirectX gives stuttering gameplay)

Thank you in advance
You would have to ask this question the author of Rivatuner, because it's the OSD which renders text in games.
But I believe it uses DirectX hooks to display the text and have no such support for Mantle.