HWiNFO64 shows the wrong CPU information of E5-2658v4 CPU

Allen Liu

I have used HWiNFO64 6.02 & 6.03 beta versions to check Intel CPU spec information and found both them showed the wrong CPU information of E5-2658v4 CPU. The CPU model name showed on the system summary table is Xeon-2300 and there is no CPU spec code information. We used Windows 10 64bit OS to do the test with both Tyan S7070 and Asus Z10PE-D8 WS motherboards. The result is the same.

The attachment includes the debug file, report file and the system summary screen picture.

PS: HWiNF64 6.02 can show the right CPU information of E5-2650v4 and E52620v4 CPU.

any input would be appreciated ! Thank you very much!


Hi, Martin,
Thanks very much! As I informed you, the new build has resolved this issue.
Per your request, I have done more tests with E5-2650v4 and E5-2620v4 CPU. Sorry! I just found E5-2620v4 CPU has a problem, too. Its spec code should be SR2R6, but the system summary table shows both SR2NX and SR2R6. HWiNFO64 V6.03-3688 has the same problem. E5-2650v4 has no problem with both V6.02 and V6.03-3688.

The attachments includes the files below.
1. E5-2658v4 DBG file with HWiNFO64 V6.03-3688
2. E5-2620v4 DBG file with HWiNFO64 V6.03-3688
3. E5-2620v4 DBG file with HWiNFO64 V6.02
4. E5-2650v4 DBG file with HWiNFO64 V6.03-3688
5. E5-2650v4 DBG file with HWiNFO64 V6.02

Thank you very much!


Thanks for the feedback and data.
For E5-2620 v4 it shows both "SR2NX, SR2R6", because it's not possible to determine which of those SSPEC numbers is that CPU.
Thanks a lot for your reply!
Sorry! I don't understand why only the SSPEC of E5-2620v4 CPU can't be determined exactly. Would you please do me a favor to tell me the detail about it?
The SSPEC is not written in the CPU (so it can't be read/detected directly) and there can be multiple SSPEC numbers used for the same model of CPU.
So there's no accurate method available to uniquely identify a given SSPEC number.
Thanks very much for your explanation. It seems that I have misunderstood it. I thought SSPEC is wrriten in the CPU and HWiNFO can read it directly.
However, I have used HWiNFO to check the CPU SSPEC for years and experienced that the same model of CPU shows different SSPEC in HWiNFO several years ago. In that case, I tested about 20 pcs of same model CPU and found about 3 pcs CPU with wrong SSPEC(SSPEC showed in HWiNFO is different from SSPEC printed on CPU). Do you know why?
HWiNFO matches the SSPEC based on CPU model and other characteristics with a database. So sometimes it can happen that there's a mismatch. Also Intel often releases multiple SSPEC numbers for the same model. So if you see any issues, please let me know, I will check and fix that.