HWInfo64 window minimize/restore via WINKEY + M and WINKEY + SHIFT + M when using a KVM swich


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Possible issue, not sure. The behavior however of the HWInfo64 windows is not consistent with other application and utility windows on Win10 Pro.

Scenario: user (me) has two DP monitors connected to a KVM switch shared between two computers. User minimizes all windows using the short-key sequence shown in the title. User performs a switch via KVM switch to the other computer. User via the KVM switch goes back to the first computer at sometime later. User attempts to restore the window positions of all application windows that had been minimized, by using the other short-key sequence shown in the title of the post.

All windows, with the exception of those for HWINFO64: Program main window (v7.36-4960) with the system tree-view and menu items, the tiny CPU#0 window showing clock speeds of the cores of the computer's processor, and the window showing the System Summary of: CPU, Motherboard, and GPU restore but user believes, incorrectly, to the wrong monitor and not to the positions where they were placed when minimized.

Ask: determine if this is a bug or feature. If bug, have windows handle minimization/maximization messages to placement of the windows is as expected and consistent with other application behaviors.
Try to disable the "Validate Window Positions" option in HWiNFO if that will help.
I tried de-selecting the Validate Window Positions option. Unfortunately, the behavior now is that none of the windows restore to their positions when using the short-key sequence, even if I don't even use the KVM switch to switch computers.