HWINFO64 suddenly no CPU Temperature


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Martin said:
So you mean that MSI AB and the OSD first appear in the task bar, but later disappear ?

No he don't ap‑pear in tray icons, but the pro‑cess are in "Task Manager" from the start, im‑mediately after the log‑in to desk‑top...

Martin said:
Or they don't appear at all no matter how long you wait?

They don't ap‑pear as an tray icon but the pro‑cess (MSIAfterburner.exe & RTSS.exe) are in task manager... I wait until all others pro‑cess are in tray icon (Ccleaner, Steam, Avast, NetLimiter, malwarebyte anti‑exploit, Intel rapid storage techno‑logy).

Martin said:
On the OSD you don't even get the values MSI AB/OSD own values, so nothing shows up there ?

I don't see any value (from HWiNFO or AB), be‑cause RTSS look like not started, even if the pro‑cess is in "Task Manager"... But AB & RivaTuner Statistics Server are not in icon tray... I have to close them in Task manager then launch MSI AB again, sometime I can't close RTSS.exe in Task manager, look like the pro‑cess is locked.

If I wait to launch HWiNFO after auto‑start, by not clicking "Run" in the welcome page (that I asked to ap‑pear in the start of the tool, by using "Show Wel‑come Screen & Pro‑gress"), then the pro‑cess AB & Riva launch them self normally...


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Hi Martin,
I write to you about the bug that I reported longtime ago,
now happening many poly-time than before,

Since your two last updated version,
I have a advertising alarm windows that CPU FAN SPEED is zero !!!
At any time.

Before it happened only after sleep mode & waking up, but now (since 2 last update),
it happen suddenly during desktop usage, I just want to report it. To correct it.


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I'll need more information about your system - what machine is that, which sensor that reports the CPU fan speed, etc.
A HWiNFO Report File + Debug File would also be handy...