HWInfo64 v4.14-1880 Portable: Consumes a lot of RAM after running for some weeks


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Hello everyone!

I'm new here, so please be nice to me! :D

I've discovered a somewhat weird behavior of my currently used HWInfo64 v4.14-1880...

First of all, I'm working as an IT Customer Supporter, hence my work PC is running more or less 24/7! BTW, I'm local admin on my box, so we can exclude permission issues or like that...

After some days (in my case 13, almost 2 weeks) of permanently running of HWInfo64 after the last reboot I got today a Windows 7 warning message, that my box was running low on memory! Opening the Windows Task Manager showed me the culprit very fast: HWInfo64 was consuming almost the half (3.5GB) of my available 8GB RAM! (and yes, as shown in the screenshot I'm very aware there are a lot of other open programs also consuming memory, especially the RAM hog Chrome...)

I did some screenshots and also made a System-Report with HWInfo64 to proof my above statements! (see Attachments)

If this behavior was already reported to this forum, then my apologies, but I didn't find any clues for my circumstances! BTW, this isn't my first case with HWInfo64, the situation also happened with former (64bit) versions of it so far...

In case of questions feel free to ask me any time!




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I think your problem might have an easy solution :)
By default (in non Sensor-only mode), HWiNFO keeps all sensor values scanned in memory, so it can later store them into the Report File. This can grow large when running for long time.
So please try this: in the Sensors window click on "Configure" and disable the "Log all values for Report (consumes memory)" option.
Let me know if that solved the issue.

Ok, will do so! I set an personal reminder for the midst of April, will reply then with some new information about the situation!


Ok :) You can check that sooner too if you watch during runtime if the memory consumption raises...

Yep, you're right, since yesterday the amount of used RAM by HWInfo64 hasn't changed a bit till now... so it was that setting!

but well, isn't it somewhat irrational for enabling this setting by default? I'm pretty sure I never changed that setting from the default value, and that's enabled... :huh:

Anyhow, in my case everything's fine by now, hence you can set this post as SOLVED!

Thanks for your fast replies & and quick solve of my problem!


This setting is enabled in default HWiNFO mode. So a user which just starts the program, opens sensors for a quick check can put all scanned values into the Report File.
In Sensor-only mode which is believe is used by more extensive monitoring, this settings is disabled by default.