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Recently, on system startup, HWiNFO has been placing file hwmoninitlog.txt in the desktop folder. It doesn't appear to do that if I close and restart HWiNFO, just on system start.
I thought Debug Write Direct may have been the reason, but either state has no effect on this.
HWiNFO version 5.07-2670 & Win10/64.


Martin said:
That file doesn't come from HWiNFO, are you sure it is HWiNFO that's causing it ? Could it be the latest AIDA64 Beta 3626 that you're using? ;) See here: http://forums.aida64.com/topic/3093-get-hwmoninitlogtxt-on-desktop-with-build-3626-beta/

LOL, my apologies, I saw HWMon... in the filename & jumped to a conclusion. Also about 97% of my sensor info comes from HWiNFO, and only 2 or 4 from Aida64, so it does not generally come to mind.

That update you linked to did the fix.

Again, apologies for false accusation :rolleyes:
Martin said:
No problem ;)
Just curious, which 2 or 4 values you use from AIDA64 ?

3 HDD utilization status' and an APC Smart-UPS 1500 Battery Status.

The UPS has a USB interface that appears to allow access to the device.


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Was wondering if there is a possibility of pulling a few of the sensor data from the APC SMT1500 with HWiNFO?

I believe APC UPS' are not uncommon to the PC community, and being able to monitor temperature, load & remaining battery time may be useful.
The access method should be the same for various sized backups... 750KVA, 1000KVA, 1500KVA, etc.
I have noticed a few minor glitches in naming of some values (depends on UPS model), that I'll fix in the next build.
I'll also add UPS Frequency and Charge Level reporting.
Woot, that is great! :heart:

Here is what my gauge looks like:

The small green box in the upper right shows the UPS is on AC power.
If the UPS goes into discharge mode, the box turns red.

The only thing left to do is petition aquacomputer to implement the 'min' unit.
I asked once if they would consider treating the unit the same as the title/name, which allows to use the included name or a user defined name.
They did not reply, so that was not a no and I will re-request. :cool:

Now I will stop running AIDA64, which should reduce the system load some small amount.


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