I can set my fan speed only at 0, 2800 or 5100.


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Hello everyone.

I have an issue I would say.
I have a laptop (Dell G3 3579) which is extremely noisy when I play some game on it.
The thing is, program is allows me to set my fans to 0, 2800 or 5100. Nothing between it. I bought a cooling pad to decrease the noise but it didn't help. I think that my laptop needs to run the fans at the maximum but when I check temperatures, it is not that bad. I need to set my fans to speed where the cooling pad and laptop itself would cool my pc sufficiently and my laptop wouldn't be that noisy. Can I somehow allow to set it just like I want or my laptop isn't simply compatible with this program? I hope y'all understood what I am trying to say. Have a nice day and thanks for help. :)1610326123760.png
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I'm no expert, but I have read here that you can only change values to the ones the hardware is telling you. Dell and other manufacturers use non-disclosure code to manage fan speed and the developers can't do much.
So yeah, only those or not use the program