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    MSI Katana GF66 core clock speed decreases when in a stress test by prime95 from 4.5GHz to 1.5GHz

    Hello all, I was thinking of buying a cooler since my laptop was getting heated up when playing games these days. I'm also planning to change the thermal paste, but before doing so, I was doing a stress test using prime95 "Small FFTs (tests L1/L2/L3 caches, maximum power/heat/CPU stress)"...
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    Lenovo G585 Fan Monitoring missing

    Dear Hwinfo I have Lenovo G585 with Ene KB9012q IC EC Chip and it would be really great if you could add support for my laptop to read fan speed and also control it if it's possible of course and many thanks in advance for your attention ❤️ Datasheet from the...
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    SmartShift Laptop Sensor Readings

    I have an MSI Delta 15, which has the Ryzen 5800H combined with the RX 6700M GPU. My understanding of the sensors is that CPU PPT is the power for the CPU cores + the iGPU of the 5800H (combined with other CPU/APU rails) while the 6700M is reported as either GPU ASIC or TGP Power. My question...
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    Fan Control - only able to use 2500 or 5100 RPM ("Invalid Fan Speed/RPM value specified")

    I'm trying to use HWiNFO to control the fans in my XPS 15 9570 laptop since the default fan curve tends to kick my fan speed up way too late, but when I try to select target RPMs at different temperatures I'm given an error window saying that I can only use values of 0, 2500, or 5100. Is this...
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    I can set my fan speed only at 0, 2800 or 5100.

    Hello everyone. I have an issue I would say. I have a laptop (Dell G3 3579) which is extremely noisy when I play some game on it. The thing is, program is allows me to set my fans to 0, 2800 or 5100. Nothing between it. I bought a cooling pad to decrease the noise but it didn't help. I think...
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    HWiNFO64 disables trackpoint

    When I start HWiNFO64 on my Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon gen 4 (20FB), the trackpoint (red dot thingy) stops working until the PC is rebooted. That's not supposed to happen, right?