i7-9700K : HWINFO64 only monitoring 5 Core Temps


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Hello. Just got a 9700K and I'm using HWINFO64 to monitor core temps.

I've noticed however that HWINFO is only monitoring Core#0 to 4 or five core temps instead of all eight core temps.

I've tried other apps like Core Temp and it does monitor temps in all 8 cores.

I also noticed that I'm not getting temp monitoring in my Samsung 960 Evo Nvme SSD.

I do prefer HWINFO since it monitors more aspects of your system than other apps so I hope these issues/bugs can be resolved.

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Please try to first reset preferences in HWiNFO via its main settings.
If that won't solve the problems, please attach the HWiNFO Debug File for analysis.
Resetting the preferences worked like a charm. :)

All the missing monitoring info that I needed are now present.

Thanks for your help and great app you have here.