i9-7920X CPU Package Power ???


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Hello Im new on this forum :)

When you fix it Skylake-X CPU Package Power ??? :@
Since the introduction Skylake-X reports wrong CPU Package Power  :-/
My Motherboard is EVGA X299 MICRO2/CPU LGA 2066 I9-7920X

Plase Fix it :)
The value reported is what the CPU measures. From the screenshot I can see that the CPU clock remains high at 3700 MHz, which might be the reason of higher power.
What values are reported under load?
I've broken the value at 3700 MHz because my cooling is weak.The values which on the screen bad show CPU Package Power.On the second screen Power (POUT) an Power (INPUT) they show good values.Only it is power consumption for the entire platform.When he unlocks the multiplier show me 45.500W/55.000W no 250W or 300W why ? When i pull full load Power (POUT) an Power (INPUT) see 250W but not on CPU Package Power :(.In my opinion, there should be other values in earlier versions even worse it was shown.This version is better though your program does not properly support most of the boards on skylake-X the more EVGA boards:(.Other programs do not report at all CPU Package Power and writes 0W.
There's only one method used to measure/report CPU package power, which is same for all Intel CPUs. So there's no special support/adjustment required for a specific CPU family.
Is any other tool reporting values that you believe closer to reality? What values were reported in earlier versions and what is reported under full load?
Is SVID support enabled in BIOS?
I will refresh the topic. Is there anything known about the processor package power supply. Is this already corrected?
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