iCUE Flickering with Corsair Support Enabled


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For some reason, my DIMM Temp sensors do not work in AIDA64, but they work fine in HWiNFO, and I can also grab the temp sensor from the XT Pro with it - but it causes my RGB to go on/off every 2 seconds.

I'm exporting the values to RTSS OSD, and like I say I can't use AIDA because it won't support my DIMM sensors but HWiNFO causes the flickering, and I need to run icue or the RGB isn't set properly and the fan cooling curve based on my water temp sensor I also think doesn't work, is there no way around it, like somehow even block the iCUE app from reading the sensor itself and causing the conflict by modifying a file? I was deleting threads from hwinfo in process explorer related to icue to see if I could find a specific one that would stop the flicker when terminated but no cigar.

Thanks. If I can get this working I'll be buying a license so I can share the values longer than 12hrs for my OSD.
iCUE doesn't like other program accessing corsair hardware. the only solution to make HWinfo work with it is sheer damn luck, or disabling Corsair/Asetek support in HWinfo, which defeats the purpose of what you try to achieve.
If you are on custom loop cooling, and your motherboard has a temp sensor input, you may have a workaround in adding another sensor to the loop.