Inaccurate memory timings

what is going on? cpu-z is reporting 1600 mhz ram speed as is set in bios ddr3-1600, however hwinfo is reporting 1570 mhz ??? which one is right? why are they reporting differently?


Running 1652301593401.png
More weird things are happening. Using prime 95 version 26.6 64 bit Small FTT test, here are the various cpu frequency readings

Task Manager




Ok but why is HWInfo showing lower BLCK? Why aren't you concerned your software is incorrectly reporting what it's supposed to report correctly!!!!!!!!!!

Or well, i don't know if it's incorrectly reporting it, but so far it's 2 versus 1 in the "votes" department since both task manager and cpu-z are reporting close values within 0.02 ghz while hwinfo's is very off


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I'd need to see the HWiNFO Debug File to check why is there such a difference.
You might also try to restart HWiNFO to see if it will display a value closer to 100 MHz.


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Your bus value jumps to 98 (16*98=1568) and this is normal. In the BIOS settings there is an option Spread Spectrum which by disabling it you will have a stable 100 and then 16*100=1600. Similarly it affects the CPU Freq. I have exactly the same it jumps, but unfortunately in the settings of my BIOS I can not disable Spread Spectrum. So everything is displayed correctly at your place.