Include valid license? [Suggestion]

Revise license?

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I've noticed there's not any documentation that I can find on licensing in this product. I propose the suggestion of adding a License.txt to secure any legal or copyright issues.

The most you can find on restrictions/permissions is:

HWiNFO32 is FREEWARE and free distributable as-is. Any modifications to the packages are forbidden. Always keep up-to date using frequent updates.

This is actually pretty broad, I am no legal or license expert by any means but I do believe that has the potential to be abused. When I read a license inside a package I expect to see a rather large bit of text.

So the problems in its current state may be:

* The license isn't included in the package
* It doesn't even say that's the license, is it though?
* There's no terms and agreements or "I agree" popup, page, etc
*  What is *the* packages, the software?

I mean, I am well aware what that means and do agree to not modify. However, I feel it may not be legally valid and enforced and has the potential to be abused.

For example reference in similar software:

Thanks for your hard work btw, love HWiNFO and want everyone to know about its awesomeness.