Incorrect "Core Distance to TjMAX" value (GIGABYTE GA-B150-HD3)


Hi Martin.
Suddenly found that it seems "Core #0,1,2,3 Distance to TjMAX" Minimum and Maximum values need to swapped.
The Minimum instead of Maximum and Maximum instead of Minimum. Is it possible?




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I'm aware of this, Min/Max values are always arithmetical minimum/maximum values. I don't consider this as a big issue, some other users might consider a swapping as confusing.
Sorry for my English. Probably I not quite accurately explained.
If properly understood, Core Distance to TjMAX conditional number = 100.
The "core#0" for example:  
Current=22,  Distance to TjMAX=78. 22+78=100
Average=22,  Distance to TjMAX=78. 22+78=100
and now is:
Minimum=21,  Distance to TjMAX=75. 21+75=96
Maximum=25,  Distance to TjMAX=79. 25+79=104
If change places Distance to TjMAX max to min value:
Minimum=21,  Distance to TjMAX=79. 21+79=100
Maximum=25,  Distance to TjMAX=75. 25+75=100

I agree that it is absolutely not important value. Just I decided to report after detecting.
Yes, that's right. It's because this value acts in a negative (opposite) manner than all other values.