Incorrect CPU usage numbers in 5.00


Attached is a gif of my HWiNFO sensors screen compared to MSI afterburner on the left, and the Windows performance monitor on the right. The usage of the CPU is being incorrectly reported by the sensors.
Relevant system info:
Intel i5 3570K. GTX 970G1. SSD 120GB C drive. HDD 1TB E Drive. 16GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM. Windows 10 Build 10240(64bit). HWiNFO64 v5.0. 

Is this something caused by my system or is it a program bug?
It's difficult to compare precise usage information when it's fluctuating - this can vary depending on refresh interval, so you might try to reduce the scan period in HWiNFO to see what will be shown.
Thus I don't see a significant difference in usage reported based on the screenshot except 2 sudden drops to 0%. Did you mean this to be the main problem you observed ?
Well that was the main problem, but I also noticed that sometimes all 4 cores will register with the exact same usage (which seems really unliekly) or maybe 2 or 3 cores will all have the same usage and the others will show 0%. I changed the logging interval to multiple different settings and it seems that the CPU usage is incorrectly referencing the values of the sensors. I do not know why.
I have tried to reproduce this issue, but I wasn't able yet - I always get correct numbers.
Can you please start Sensor Logging for a while and then attach the resulting log here?
Also please attach the HWiNFO Debug File for deeper analysis.
I have started the logging, but the odd thing is that it seems to be working now. I clicked show all to open everything so I could look to see if their was a setting option for the debug file, and when I looked at the numbers again on the sensor panel they seem completely consistent with the MSI afterburner panel and my systems performance monitor.
That's odd :) If you ever see the problem again, then please submit that information.
I have attached a report file(STEPHEN3-PC.txt) and the debug file (HWiNFO64.rar) I had to compress the debug file because it said it was too large to upload. It will not let me upload my log file so I have provided a dropbox link to that ( Every time I start up HWiNFO64 it happens again, the numbers become erratic and start jumping around. To fix it, I right click the program in the task bar, click show all, and then I close the CPU0 small screen and System Summary Screen, and this seems to fix it. I hope that helps.


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Yes, it is definitely an issue related to the System Summary screen. If I un-check the option to show system summary on startup, the program runs fine as soon as it starts.
Thanks for the data, I'm analyzing them.
My current assumption is that this happens when the Summary window is open along with Sensors. So please try to run HWiNFO in Sensor-only mode and let me know if the issue happens in this mode as well.
OK, I think I found the problem - it happens only when both the Summary and Sensor window are active.
It will be fixed in the next version.