Incorrect sensor readings on MSI G41M-P28.


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I have a MSI G41M-P28 (MS-7592 v5.x) and CPU INTEL Core 2 Duo 6750. HWInfo32 shows CPU temperature (DTS) at 10 º C lower than the program CPUID Hardware Monitor and how I think, HWInfo32 shows the temperature is incorrect, as the touch temperature of the CPU fan is close to the feelings indications CPUID Hardware Monitor. I ask you to check the data and if it appears that HWInfo32 shows CPU temperature is wrong, please correct it in future versions.
Regards, Oleg.
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There has been a similar discussion about this recently here:
and I believe some other similar questions in the past too.
The truth is - for this generation of CPUs, nobody knows exactly how to calculate the correct temperature, because Intel doesn't give out a guaranteed method. Moreover, that CPU core sensor is not providing correct temperatures in the lower range:
Thank you for your response. I read these posts and you realized that you can not rely on these values​​.
It turns out that all the bad in this regard.
Regards, Oleg.