Intel CPU info


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Cache (KB) 32 + 32 + 3072 (Intel Core 2 Duo E7200). What it means? It inclusive or exclusive (as AMD) architecture? Maybe simple 3072 KB (include 32 +32)?
If you move the mouse cursor over this field, it will give you a quick help: CPU Cache (L1I + L1D + L2 + L3)
That means in your case: 32KB L1 Instruction, 32KB L1 Data, 3MB L2 cache and No L3 Cache
All Intel CPU use inclusive cache architecture, but AMD, DEC Alpha AXP CPU, IBM Power CPU using exclusive multilevel cache. Then 3072 Mb summary cache size for Intel CPU is normal answer for any information software fo Intel Core 2 Duo E6x00/E7x00 CPU, but for Intel E8x00 CPU summary cache size is 6 Mb. Level 1 cache (32 Kb data + 32 Kb instructions) use only ALU and executive CPU block's.