Intel i7-7820HK thermal Throttling problem


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Hi Martin,
I have an acer predator 21X notebook running 3Dmark Fire Strike Extreme and using HWINFO64 V5.52 to monitor CPU behavior.
At heavy loading, HWINFO sometimes shows thermal throttling "yes" for one of those 4 cores.
But if I check Intel tool XTU(Extreme Tuning Utility) and Intel Thermal Analysis Tool at the same time. Intel tool tells there is no thermal throttling event triggered. 
Can you help to explain that?
Please post a screenshot of that situation, so I can see other details. Especially core temperatures and throttling status.
Hi Martin,
I Attached the screenshot, you can see there is no thermal throttling in intel XTU tool, but HWINFO64 shows Core#0 thermal throttling, core #0 temp. is 84 degree.


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Reporting of Thermal Throttling might not work properly when being evaluated by multiple applications. In such case another application might not properly catch this event. This is due to the nature how this feature works.
I believe HWiNFO is right here, this is confirmed by multiple information. I can also see on the screenshot that performance has been reduced due to a Thermal Event and PROCHOT activation.
Note, that this event might not be activated by the CPU in your case, but other platform components (via Bi-directional PROCHOT) based on other temperatures than internal core.
Thanks Martin, I tried evaluate separately, Intel TAT shows thermal throttling when temperature over 96 degree as attached screenshot(TCC triggered), my predator 21X does few times reach that point.

But with HWiNFO, thermal throttling is much more often be triggered, previously attached screenshot for example, the core#0 current temperature is only 84 degree,  Maximum is 88 degree, and current core#0 clock keeps 4090MHz, it has no drop. So I'm still confused.



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Try to disable Bi-Directional PROCHOT using the ThrottleStop tool to see if this throttling is initiated by an external device instead of CPU.