Question about "Power Limit Throttling Laptop Acer 5 Nitro - i7 9750h"

Jack Oliver

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Hello, I have a question regarding the Power Limit Throttling,
I've a Acer Nitro 5 (i7 9750h + rtx 2060), Every time I use Intel Utility, I keep getting a big Yes on Power Limit Throttling, with sometimes Current/EDP Limit Throttling. Each time they pass 45 w , it happens, I know this is because of something they forced the Laptop to do through hard coding it (as I understood).

My question is: Can this really affect heavy gaming?
Because My Processor doesn't go over 3980 GHZ, not the max 4.5 (I heard that it happens only to be at 4.5 at single core). And I think I don't feel that my games are dropping fps, they just work "normally" but the Power Throttling keeps happening during gaming.
Will this affect the gaming experience ?

Another question, I saw that it "Thermal Throttling" at around 90-89, it didn't reach 100 C, so why did it thermal throttling?

And my final question is: Should I bring it back to the Shop and get an MSI GF65 THIN 9SEXR-250 Intel Core i7-9750H - GeForce RTX 2060, instead?

here is a log of ThrottleStop attached.
I'd really appreciate your answers.



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